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INNOVO - the New Global Commerce

A free online B2B market platform sharing the value of unlocked potential
with both sides of a commercial transaction, and with good causes

Current Procurement Requests on INNOVO are in the $ billions

How would you like to start saving and sharing? -- Pick one to learn more





Pool your buying power with other INNOVO members

INNOVO works within your existing procurement procedures. No need to change anything. Think of INNOVO as a club card that you can use when making purchases from your suppliers.

To get started you simply need to invite all your past, current, and potential Suppliers to the Network.

You should suggest that they consider posting an INNBATE, which would reflect the share of savings achieved on INNOVO.

Then reach out to them, via a Buyer Request on INNOVO to see what kind of INNBATE offers are available.

Learn More!

Using INNOVO as a Buyer is easy

  • 1 - Notify ALL your Suppliers about INNOVO
  • 2 - Suggest they post an INNBATE / share of savings
  • 3 - Post a Buyer Request to review the offers

Watch this 1 minute video for more details!


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