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The 5 technology disruptions to hit business by 2020

Author: Marizanne Knoesen

The world is changing rapidly and those who investigate potential future scenarios can prepare themselves for the oncoming waves of change. INNOVO recently came across an excellent report that informs its business and the business of its members. The report, a 2012 Economist Intelligence Unit white paper discusses a key theme of our age: "The Future of Technology Disruption in Business".

The future of leadership

Author: Tim Taylor

As the 21st century unfolds, we can all see the possibilities ahead.  Technology will continue to influence how we work and live our lives.

Driverless cars, Google glass and robots at home and in our offices will be commonplace.  Almost everyone will be online and data collection and analytics from our online activity will produce a more customized digital experience for each of us.

As technological advancements continue to change the way we work, so will the future of leadership.

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