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Procurement value - so much more than getting a discount

Author: Mark Kusionowicz

I have written before about the changing relationship between buyers and sellers that is being driven by online content and social media. Purchasers now have upper hand and typically travel a long way along the buying journey before even engaging with the selling organisation. It also means that this knowledge now makes it easier to change suppliers, and so they have to add ongoing business value to keep a happy client.  I have tended to focus on what it means for my profession, Sales and Marketing - but what does it mean for Procurement?

The journey to INNOVO and beyond

Author: Martin Kelly

I started this journey with a single objective: To build an organisation which is incredibly successful simultaneously as a business and as an investor in good causes. Anyone that knows me knows that I have unlimited ambition and absolute optimism which is just as well because it has been a very long and exceptionally demanding journey!

What is procurement?

Author: Nick Ando

Agamemnon, sometime in the early 10th century BC, toured around Greece amassing the greatest army the world had ever known, in order to retrieve his beloved wife Helen from the Trojans. Agamemnon was conscious that he, alone, did not have the military capacity to take Troy, so he turned to the other Greeks cities to supply him with everything he needed.

5 ways Social Media is changing business culture - it's not just marketing

Author: Mark Kusionowicz

As a Marketing professional I am well aware of the incredible changes that Social Media has delivered and continues to deliver to the world of marketing and sales. Recently though, doing some work with the INNOVO Global Commerce, I realised that there are many other ways in which Social Media platforms and tools are driving change, not only in the way we operate but even in the way we think about business.

Exercising social networks in the purchase decision process

Author: Asif Khan

Since social media has become more ubiquitous in business processes following the dawn of the 21st century, studies have been conducted to evaluate how vital these networks have become in a company’s purchasing decision. Social media outlets have no doubt improved strategies regarding perception and communication when approaching decision makers and buyers, as a large proportion of the multimillion dollar budgets that marketers spend per year to promote their goods and services is spent on online campaigns. There are few dominant global networks but these are a major medium which companies have utilized in marketing their products and services.

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