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Procurement must improve it's marketing to recruit

Author: Mark Kusionowicz

As a 21 year-old, soon to graduate, I didn't really know what I wanted to do for a career. I thought I'd like to get into the burgeoning IT industry - but hadn't got a clue in what capacity as I couldn't write code. However, I did know what I wanted from my initial job - to continue to learn, to work with like-minded fun individuals and get recognised for work well done - effectively an extension of University life but with a salary! The 'milk-round' interviewer for ICL (yes, I am that old) knew exactly how to describe the role of 'sales support' to appeal to me on my terms even if I left the interview after having signed up to apply still not knowing exactly what that meant I would actually be doing. That was effective marketing of a career to newcomers into the job market - something which I think the Procurement discipline needs to grasp urgently

The recipe for a great marketing strategy

Author: Mark Kusionowicz

I may have been watching too many episodes of Masterchef recently but, while cooking up a mean curry at the weekend, I got to thinking how many similarities there were between the process of preparing and serving a meal with the creation and execution of marketing and business development strategies. This might just be stretching an analogy too far, but don your chef’s whites, pick up your favourite knife and let’s get going!

Pooled buying language needs to change – suppliers win too!

Author: Mark Kusionowicz

What’s your instant reaction to the idea of a pooled buying network? I’m guessing that, like most people, you immediately think about the benefits that the purchasers get with increased “buyer power” - lower pricing, higher discounts, more commercial influence over the supplier and other such results of “winning”. It is therefore not surprising that if you Google ‘pooled buying’ the results all seem to lead to the conclusion that this is a one-sided “I win, you lose” arrangement designed to benefit the buyer at the expense of the supplier.

Levelling the playing field in Procurement

Author: Alex Ando

As normal life returns after the holidays, I find myself mulling over the festive period – the traditions, the time together, the food, the presents among others. As far as the latter are concerned, I don't know whether you find it a problem, but choosing a meaningful present for your nearest and dearest becomes increasingly difficult every year. As the kids become totally autonomous, with their own jobs and nascent families, there is so little they need or even want. So inevitably a book, which is usually a reflection of the givers preferences with the hope that the receiver will understand and even enjoy the choice, is what one goes for. And no bad thing!

Let the sunshine in - transparency, democracy and procurement

Author: Alex Ando

As one of the privileged baby-boomers who has retired, I have more time to think and look at life from a different perspective. As a British citizen living in one of Europe's capitals, I also have the advantage of seeing the UK from the outside and (though comparisons are odious) perhaps can at times appreciate certain aspects of British society more that the inhabitants of green and pleasant land.

Innovation OR Procurement?

Author: Mark West

A quick search of the Internet…today’s Encyclopedia Britannica…you find that procurement dates back as far as in 3000 BC, pyramid-building Egyptians tracked the supply of building materials and workers on papyrus rolls. In those days of the pyramid-building Egyptians, so…you ask, what has changed?

In Marketing: The more things change, the more they stay the same

Author: Mark West

Today we are all passionate about social media. Everyone I talk to, every article I read, is all centered around how everything has changed in the marketing world with social media. Forget TV, radio and print, social media is now the be all, end all. Ok, I understand this and I can certainly see the benefits of marketing through social media, but while social media may be a new channel, it has not made life any easier or less expensive. In fact, I submit only helped to complicate the matter.

Three Cs - Courage, Commitment and Co-operation

Author: Alex Ando

The discussion about the role of the banking system in today's society is one that has been at the forefront of many people's minds in recent years. Banks have, in general, become impersonal behemoths. Long gone are those days when the bank manager would come out of your wardrobe or from under the stairs, because he was part of the family, to listen to your projects, advise you and if convinced by your ideas, provide the finance and support you to the end– anyone remember the Barclays advert (I think!)? A sort of venture debt rather than venture capital?!

Rewarding investment in research

Author: Paul Waite, CEO Aspen Waite Group

Many countries across the world have identified that it is commercially attractive to offer a range of incentives for companies to invest in qualifying research and development. In so doing companies find it easier to bring new products or processes to market and once this has happened the central coffers are boosted by increased tax revenues.

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