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The Power of ONE

Author: Mark West

Today we are preconditioned to the idea that only in the masses is there any power.  We find ourselves bulk buying at supermarkets.  We use services that many have highly rated, over services with little or no ratings.  We aim for lots of followers on social media.  Even Mr. Spock from Star Trek encouraged this behavior with his famous saying “the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one.”  These are all ways that we start thinking more is better.  While in most cases this may be the truth and valid thinking, I think it is important that there are other times that ONE person can make all the difference.

For example it only takes one man with an idea to start a revolution (if you will)…Thomas Edison and the lightbulb, Bell and the telephone, Franklin and electricity.  The list goes on.  So it is quite possible that ONE can make a difference.  Without these ONE individuals, we would still be using smoke signals, living in the dark and have nothing with which to charge our iPhones.  Ok, I am being a little melodramatic, but you see my point.  This extends beyond the ONE individual to the ONE organization.  Organizations like the ones to relieve poverty, hunger, water shortage and the like.  These, while a group of like-minded individuals, are working as ONE to affect a change.  You would argue that there is actually lots of people in these organizations so how could it be “ONE”, but I would counter with that in relation to the entire population of the planet, or in comparison to all the politicians in the world that could also affect this change, you could see why I’m considering them as a “ONE”.  Now this is not meant to be a political statement, so let’s leave that for now.

Let me ask you.  Could ONE person make a change in your business??  Now I’m not talking about all the Tony Robbins self-motivation speeches where you empower yourself and so on.  That’s all well and good, but I’m asking, is there, or WHO is that ONE person that can make a difference?  I would submit to you, it is each and every ONE you sell to, or buy from.  Yes, if just one of those many prospects you approach would buy from you, YOU would be doing better and ONE individual has affected a change on your business.  The same is true for your suppliers…if just ONE gives you a better price, YOU are doing better.

The only issue is, we all are consumed with the thought that we need MORE than ONE, and that ONE is not enough…I’ve even heard things like “well that was just one customer, doesn’t matter, there are many more out there.”  Only problem is…how much time and MONEY have you wasted on that ONE customer that didn’t happen?  Doesn’t that MONEY you spent have to be recouped somehow?  Doesn’t it become part of your costs for the NEXT customer?  Seems to me, that in today’s environment of save, save, and save, the easiest way to save is to not waste.  Or am I just being goofy?

My thinking is that if we do a better job to reduce our costs on those ONEs that got away, then we would have more money to run our businesses.  One way to possibly do this is to join a Network…like INNOVO.  While INNOVO is a “network” where mass has its benefits, it is different in the fact that the benefits start with ONE.  ONE supplier joining you on the Network.  ONE buyer connecting with you on the Network.  And since INNOVO is completely free to use, you are already saving money (in a way).

So, in the end, whose needs are greater?  The needs of the many?  Or, the needs of the few or the one?  I think it is probably a little of both, only depends on what is the need.  But, I do believe that ONE….CAN make all the difference.


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