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The journey to INNOVO and beyond

Author: Martin Kelly

I started this journey with a single objective: To build an organisation which is incredibly successful simultaneously as a business and as an investor in good causes. Anyone that knows me knows that I have unlimited ambition and absolute optimism which is just as well because it has been a very long and exceptionally demanding journey!

But in addition to me, hundreds of companies and individuals from business leaders to young graduates have invested their time, experience and talents in this great endeavour with me, and each of them has become a stakeholder.
In pursuing this objective, we are also finding the answers to some fundamental questions: -

  1. Why do so many innovative enterprises fail instead of overcoming the setbacks that they face?
  2. Why do large organisations struggle to innovate when there are millions of innovations externally?
  3. How do you build a large business without cash?
  4. Why do organisations leave so much internal and external talent unutilised?
  5. There is an unlimited amount of productive work that we could be doing right now. So why do we waste so much talent globally?
  6. How can you accumulate the output from talented individuals in a way that directly and fairly rewards their input?
  7. Why do most organisations waste 90%+ of their sales and marketing costs because of failed approaches to new customers?
  8. Why do most organisations buy alone instead of buying collectively?
  9. Is it better to compete or co-operate?
  10. What lies beyond capitalism?

Of course, we don't have all of the answers, at least not yet, but we have already made some profound discoveries: -

  • How to out-buy even the world’s biggest organisations on everything that they buy.
  • How to significantly reduce wasted sales and marketing costs.
  • We have built a $30m organisation with a negligible (<1%) amount of cash.
  • How to substantially enhance the commercialisation of innovations and connect them to large organisations.
  • We offer unlimited amounts of work to utilise the talents of anyone with internet access.

We have discovered that all of these answers have arisen from rigorously applying just one fundamental principle: Individuals and organisations work together on projects for a FAIR share of the economic benefits arising.

We have found what lies beyond capitalism - its talentism. Capitalism needs money, talentism needs only individual talent. FAIRLY rewarded, talent has no limits to its achievements.

This means that organisations of all sizes can: Collaborate with their suppliers to reduce wasted selling costs and share the savings, as well as they can pool their buying power across all of their suppliers to achieve the economies of scale. In addition, innovators and large organisations can co-operate in the rapid commercialisation of innovation for mutual gain.

During our journey we have and continue to offer an unlimited amount of work in all industries and geographies through a free online network where talented individuals are rewarded with a share of the wealth that they help to create.

Spanning 16 years, this journey has involved countless setbacks. However, some of the worst setbacks led to the most profound discoveries. Although my earlier companies had to be closed through lack of cash, I learned how to build and continue to run a very large organisation, INNOVO, with negligible amounts of cash. I also learned how to carry forward all of the time and money that everybody invested in them into each successor company. This has culminated in the current INNOVO which was set up in 2011. It encapsulates all of the time, money and resources invested by everybody in its predecessor companies. Each of them has a FAIR share of the economic benefits arising.

 We are only just beginning to understand and deploy this simple yet incredibly powerful discovery. Join us on this amazing journey at INNOVO – we need your talent. We can achieve MUCH more together.

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