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“… Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn…”

Author: Mark West

One of the great quotes from Benjamin Franklin…. We had an interesting discussion at INNOVO just the other day…what is the difference between the following three?  Traditional Marketing, Sales “spiel”, and Learning & Development

As the traditional and consummate marketer I insisted that Marketing and Sales may be similar, but very different in their approach…Marketing tends to effect a broad spectrum, you might say “broadcasts” your message, while Sales is one-to-one.  Is there a correlation?  Well, maybe, but Marketing tends to “dress up” something in a battle to win trial or loyalty, while Sales is hard negotiation designed to bring in actual revenue.  When I worked in Broadcasting, we always made the distinction between advertising (read here “Marketing”) and the clients’ sales efforts. We would tell the client…”the advertising brings the potential customer through the door, but then it is up to you to sell the customer”.  This was because many believed that with spending money on advertising that would magically increase their revenues.

Now Learning & Development is a completely different animal…where you physically teach the facts of how, when and where to get customers, convince them to buy and subsequently make revenue…or as we used to say in the office, “Whoopie!”  No connection with the traditional meaning, but it felt so good when you made your sales target, you felt like saying “Whoopie!”

So, the question to you…do you have your ducks in a row?  This is really a simple 3 step plan, but quite complex one in today’s world of social media and the like.  Have your people received the Learning & Development, so that they can effectively Market, to your potential customers, and then Sell them when they come through the proverbial door?   This is something we are tackling right now here at INNOVO.  The model and ideas that INNOVO presents are so unique that without Learning & Development, it is difficult to “Market” to those that can really use the Network, and that is ultimately affecting the possibilities of Sales for all our members.  This is so important that we’ve decided to make our Learning & Development FREE to all members.  That’s right, nothing to pay, just understand how INNOVO works.  The reality is, if our members don’t understand, then they don’t use the Network, and then the Network is not successful.

So have you given all the tools necessary to your people so they know what to do to get the customer in the door, and THEN make the sale?  One company I know went as far as printing credit card sized learning aids that had the 8 key things that everyone should know and understand.  The important thing to remember is you; yes, YOU are the owner of the dream for your business.  If you don’t impart your knowledge and details of your dream (Teach), so that your people can bring in the customers (Market) how will you generate the revenue (Sell) to make your business great.  So…Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.

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