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Buyers Pay Their Suppliers for Marketing Arms Race with 99.2% Waste

Author: Martin Kelly, CEO INNOVO

Commerce has traditionally been driven by 'Supplier push' marketing. Not only is this hugely wasteful, it generates other substantial hidden costs. As Buyers, we pay for all this waste in Supplier prices. It's time that Buyer demand should drive commerce instead of Supplier push. Collectively, as Buyers, we should drive Lean Commerce and share in the savings that arise.

Are Suppliers happy to give savings on existing deals?


Author: Mark West

Let’s face the music.  Business is a game of give and take.  At the end, whether it is for the shareholders, or for ourselves as a sole proprietor, the measure of the business is the profit margin.  Only two ways to really increase the profit:  Sell more and/or buy better.   So we prod our sales people to create sales, and beg our procurement people to find savings.  Actually here in lies the problem.  To get more sales, you need more leads.  More leads, generally means more marketing.  More marketing, means high costs.  Now if all this worked like clockwork, that could be fine, but it doesn’t.  We all know that only a small percentage of the prospecting we do actually turns into leads.  This is not the fault of the Marketing industry, it is just the nature of the beast.  As it was once said…you need to knock on a lot of doors to make one sale.

Why are B2B services not free?

Author: Martin Kelly, CEO INNOVO

One of the most remarkable trends in B2C industries in the last 10 years is the increasing offer of more services for free. Why is this? How are these services financed? Why do B2B industries stick to traditional ‘paid for’ pricing models.

Think Big, Think Different & Add Value

Author: Asif Khan

Watching Shark Tank over the last few seasons has taught me a lot about business. For those of you who do not know what Shark Tank is, it’s a reality show in where aspiring entrepreneurs present their business ideas to business moguls (known as "the sharks") in the hopes of landing an investment is great to watch. Like 'Dragon's Den' in the UK. I mean, what’s not to like? A group of venture capitalists on steroids being presented with great ideas and some not-so-great ideas; where dreams are not only made or broken but where great advice is also given. So, after 8 seasons what I as an aspiring British entrepreneur learnt so far?

Fast free access to cash for UK businesses

Author: Martin Kelly, CEO INNOVO

This has to be one of the greatest secrets in business in the UK: free access to cash for businesses and it comes from the Government - fast! Many innovative businesses have to raise investment or get a loan to expand. Yet the vast majority are completely unaware of the availability of fast free cash directly from the Government for developing their innovative business!

Black Friday or a New Dawn?

Author: Martin Kelly, CEO INNOVO

It's Black Friday and business on planet earth has woken up to cataclysmic change with Brexit and the US election. Commercially, it's like the meteorite which finished the dinosaurs and left the way open for mankind. Business, like nature, will be brutally swift in selecting the fittest species. But what type of company is the future and what is a business dinosaur?

Uber-type platform expands procurement functions

 Author: Martin Kelly, CEO, INNOVO

Disruptive platforms like Apple, AirBnB and Uber have revolutionised B2C industries. Apple’s App Store is a platform which has opened up vast new horizons for software engineers to become App Developers. In 2015, there were 1.4 million Apps on the Apple platform which had cumulatively generated $25 billion for App Developers.

Where can HNWI investors find meaningful returns in this “new normal” time?

Author: Andrew Boyes-Varley

We’ve become accustomed to exceptionally high returns in recent decades – but they were the exception, not the rule. The new normal, as investors will by now have come to recognise, is characterised by volatile markets and mediocre returns. Interest rates, in many countries, are at record low levels as a result of the extraordinary stimulus measures that have been taken by a number of central banks to boost anaemic economic growth. Is this the end of meaningful returns, as we know them? For some canny investors there is a new instrument with the potential for significant returns and exercise of outcome control by the investor.

Platform Revolution in the Consulting Industry

 Author: Martin Kelly, CEO, INNOVO

In 2013, the consulting industry itself was declared to be on the “cusp of disruption, according to Clayton M. Christensen, Wang and van Bever.[1] They pointed out that “Management consulting’s fundamental business model has not changed in more than 100 years” and that “disruption is inevitable.”

Digitizing both sides of the P&L

Author: Asif Khan

“...platform businesses, from [taxis to hotels and more], whose spectacular growth, abruptly upended their industries.”  - Harvard Business Review, April 2016

Digital disruption is here. We can choose to ignore it or choose to embrace it; either way it’s impacting us all. Today, the speed of developments in disruptive technologies has a major influence on organisations globally and this is taking place at an exponential rate rather than a linear pace. Such examples include; Uber, Airbnb, Facebook & Apple all of whom who have disrupted their industries by storm. Albeit, these examples pertain to the realm of Business-to-Consumer (B2C), Business-to-Business (B2B) entities are also now being forced to rethink and to reinvent their business models to get the most out of their organisation due to disruption in their respective industries. This implementation of digital transformation has begun in two key areas of B2B; Increasing revenue and profits (Sales) and reducing operational costs (Procurement).

The big bang of the platform revolution

 Author: Martin Kelly, CEO, INNOVO

 We have seen companies like AirBnB, Facebook, Google and Uber grow unbelievably quickly. How have they done this?

 “In 2015, Uber the world’s biggest taxi company owns no vehicles, Facebook the world’s most popular media owner creates no content, Alibaba the most valuable retailer has no inventory, and AirBnB the world’s largest hotelier owns no real estate.”  Tom Goodwin, Sr. VP of Strategy, Havas Media

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